Preloved Clothing: An Eco-friendly Fashion Trend

You must be aware of the latest craze in the fashion world these days – preloved clothing.

That’s right, in 2021, preloved or vintage clothing is taking the fashion world by storm because of its classic styles and sophisticated designs. However, another factor is driving this movement, and it’s the fact that preloved clothing is an eco-friendly clothing option.

Fast fashion has been dominating the trends for quite some while because it helps you stay up-to-date with the latest designs and fashion trends. This has automatically accelerated the mass production of low-quality, cheap items that are available at low prices.

Thanks to fast fashion, you have always had the trendiest clothing item in your wardrobe, and that too at a low price! But at what cost?

There’s no lie in the fact that our environment has received a direct hit because of the prevalence of fast fashion. Be it the pollution, tons of plastics, or the waste of energy – our environment is deteriorating, and we are contributing to its downfall.

In this blog post, we will help you understand how the fashion industry is promoting environmental damage, why preloved clothing is sustainable and eco-friendly, and the reasons why it has gained so much popularity currently.

Preloved Items – What Is It?

Let’s take a moment to crack the real meaning behind the term “preloved clothing.”

Preloved items can be defined as items that were once owned by someone else. They can be footwear, jewelry, accessories, or clothes and are usually available at vintage or antique shops.

When it comes to preloved shopping, it’s like a treasure hunt – you never know what you will end up finding. It could be something that resonates with your style and gives you the unique touch that you’re looking for or something that you can easily ignore as it doesn’t match your energy.

Here’s a little tip that you should know before you set out for some preloved shopping – “preloved” items need to be owned and used by someone else; otherwise, you’re dealing with deadstock.

Preloved items are eco-friendly and sustainable for several reasons, which is why many individuals have switched to eco-friendly fashion and ethical fashion, also known as preloved fashion.

How Can Vintage Clothing Protect the Environment?

Vintage clothing is still clothing – how does it protect the environment as compared to fast fashion? Well, there are multiple ways through which preloved items can promote eco-friendly fashion.

Let’s take a look at them:

Saves Water

It wouldn’t be wrong to assume that no industry in this world can function without water. And same goes for the fashion industry.

The fashion industry ranks number second when it comes to consuming water resources and is reported to utilize about 93 billion cubic meters of water annually. This number represents a withdrawal of 4% of freshwater every single year.

Therefore, switching to preloved shopping will definitely prove to be an eco-friendlier option for us, if we are concerned about our water resources and want to do something about it.

Reduces Landfill

Did you know that about 10 million tons of clothing end up in landfills? Yes, that’s right, and we can expect this number to rise in the coming years.

Increasing landfills can pose a severe threat to our environment as textiles are not readily biodegradable. Unfortunately, this means that they will continue to pile on each other and stay on earth for quite some time.

With the help of preloved clothing, you can drastically reduce this number and reduce landfills in the upcoming years.

Prevents Exhaustion of Non-Renewable Resources

Non-renewable resources are oil and water – resources that are bound to finish off as they can never be repleted.

Like any other industry, the fashion industry needs these non-renewable resources to keep on functioning and producing clothing items every day. With the increase in demand, the supply also increases, proving to be dangerous for our environment.

If we want to promote greener earth and protect the non-renewable resources to run out in just a matter of time – opting for vintage clothing would be a fantastic idea.

Saves Energy

There’s no doubt about the fact that textile production utilizes energy.

From running big machines to transporting the final product – textile production uses up a lot of energy. And with the prevalence of fast fashion, this energy consumption has doubled over time. If we continue to witness this trend, we might be witnessing some serious climatic crisis shortly.

Therefore, if we try to shift our tastes to preloved clothing, there’s a greater chance for us to stop this mind-boggling energy consumption.

Fights Pollution

10% of CO2 pollution is the courtesy of our beloved fashion industry.

Just imagine the contribution the fashion industry holds if we take a look at different types of pollution. The waste produced at the factories in terms of chemicals promotes water pollution, whereas the smoke produced significantly contributes to air pollution.

The transportation of the products boosts CO2 production, utilizes fuel, and plays a significant factor in noise pollution.

We can greatly reduce this by choosing preloved items that undoubtedly, fight pollution and saves our energy resources.

Why Has Preloved Fashion Gained Popularity Over Time?

Have you ever wondered why preloved fashion is gaining so much popularity currently? What factors have pushed people to switch to preloved shopping, and why is it being adored?

Let’s discuss these factors one by one:

Increased Affordability

The latest designer clothes are anything but affordable. Undoubtedly, they are expensive, and not everyone can just go out and buy them for an occasion. Therefore, a lot of people think and plan before adding a designer item to their shopping cart.

As compared to them, preloved clothing is more affordable and is not insanely overpriced. So, with preloved clothing, you have the option of getting your hands on something exquisite and mesmerizing at an economical price.


Are you willing to sell some of your fast fashion clothing items? Well, hold onto that thought because it isn’t a smart one. Fast fashion clothing is usually made from cheap quality items that will never last long. So, there’s no benefit in reselling it because the other person wouldn’t be able to wear it.

However, when it comes to preloved clothing – they are an absolute delight!

Apart from bringing out a new version of you, preloved items are made up of sturdy and durable material that will last you really long. Because that is precisely what preloved fashion is all about – chic designs and sturdy items available at a reasonable price.

Unique Style

Vintage clothing is termed vintage when they are at least twenty years or older. If you pick out items from the 1970s or 80s, you will see the uniqueness in the clothing by yourself.

As they are different from the current fashion trends, you have a chance to experiment and bring out the best version of yourself through these vintage pieces.

Be it any jewelry, footwear, or classic dress – if you’re a fan of the retro style, you would definitely fall in love with preloved clothing, that’s for sure!

Awareness of Environmental Damage

Thanks to the internet, we are pretty familiar with what’s happening all over the world. And similarly, we are aware of the environmental damage and crisis our planet is going through.

As responsible individuals, we should try to counter this damage and promote green habits so that we can survive. But, on the other hand, if we continue to act carelessly, who knows where we will be standing in terms of climate change?

A lot of people have realized this and are opting for preloved fashion items to reduce the environmental damage. Through this, not only will you be reducing pollution but will also be saving energy and resources.

Introduction of Various Platforms

Because eco-friendly fashion is on the rise, and people are now switching to preloved or vintage clothing due to a number of reasons, there has been an introduction of various platforms that promote preloved fashion.

Due to their hard work and willingness to have greener earth, these platforms have established the connection of trust among their clients. They have achieved this by developing a proper screening process that doesn’t allow faulty items to pass through so that the consumer would want to come back for more.

These platforms like Poshmark and Tradesy are very popular digital platforms that are gaining popularity and are in turn fueling the recognition of preloved items.

For the Sake of Mental Health

Wouldn’t you want yourself to have some peace of mind?

Now that you have finally realized the damage fast fashion is causing to our environment, it is high time for us to hold ourselves accountable for its demand. And while blaming yourself wouldn’t do much, choosing eco-friendly fashion can calm your restless mind.

Do yourselves a favor and learn some ways to shop for authentic preloved fashion items. This way, you will not only be helping the environment but will probably own some really old yet classic pieces.

Revalue Fashion – Build A Sustainable Wardrobe with Us

We are sure that by now you understand the importance of vintage clothing in terms of preventing further environmental damage. Furthermore, it is understood that preloved clothing and preloved items promote an eco-friendly and sustainable wardrobe.

Revalue fashion contributes to this movement as we are a vintage clothing online store. Our purpose is to bring forward elegant and classic pieces from the past and introduce it to our customers and promote slow fashion.

With our help, you can surely build a sustainable wardrobe.

How do We Contribute?

For starters, our ideology is based on the 3 Ps of sustainability: Planet, People, and Profit – and at Revalue Fashion, we try to follow this ideology to help our environment improve.

We are honored to label ourselves as a green company because we try our best to adopt eco-friendly procedures to deliver our products. For example, for small products, we use “fashion packs” that are waterproof and made from recycled items.

Moreover, we use grass paper boxes made from recycled cardboard and dried grass for more oversized products. This means that we drastically reduce the use of chemicals, water, and energy – hereby leaving a minimal footprint.

Other Brands That Promote Green Fashion

As preloved fashion becomes increasingly popular, prominent brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, H&M, Nike, Adidas, and others have also dipped their hands in this treasure as it promotes ethical fashion.

Tommy Hilfiger has introduced a program “Make it Possible,” which is a sustainability program focused on recycling items and minimalizing textile waste. With its ideology of “waste nothing and welcomes all” Tommy Hilfiger is trying to set the bar by reducing the negative environmental impact, as much as it can.

Whereas, Nike has developed a sustainability team that reuses the cardboard from shipping and is also looking into other greener alternatives. Nike also has a sustainability program that aims to recycle half of the footwear that is thrown into waste.

Both Reebok and Adidas are members of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and Bluesign, and both of them are aiming to implement a sustainability program in order to promote slow fashion. Adidas tries to manufacture designs with 95% pattern efficiency so that not a lot of it goes to waste, while on the other hand, Reebok has reduced its emission by 15% in the year 2020.

H&M has introduced a recycling program and this allows H&M to recycle clothes from any in-brand store, promoting slow fashion also known as ethical fashion. It also claims to use renewable sources for energy production to prevent exhausting the non-renewable resources.


Well, there you are.

We have tried our best to convince you by listing down the benefits preloved shopping brings. It is known to elevate your style most elegantly, saves you some cash, and promote greener earth.

Let’s discover the world of preloved clothing, where you are bound to find unique items that will prove to be an amazing addition to your wardrobe.

As an inhabitant of this planet and a fashion enthusiast, what else do you want?