Proven Tips on How to Take Care of Your Clothes – A Complete Care Guide

Just like machinery, your clothes need to be maintained too.

Your clothes and the way you style them define your personality. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of them and maintain them so that you can make a striking personal statement. Another reason that makes clothing care so important is to make your investment worth it.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to take good care of your clothes and help you make your life a tad bit easier by following these golden techniques.

Clothing Care Tips – The Must-Dos

When you start taking care of yourself, there are some fundamental changes that you bring about in your lifestyle before you move to the advanced steps. For example, before buying face serums or hair masks, you usually start with oiling your hair regularly or washing your face at short intervals.

Likewise, when it comes to discussing clothing care tips, there are some general and unignorable steps that you should always follow to ensure the good care of your clothes.

Well, you are in luck today because this care guide will teach you how to take good care of your clothes in only a matter of time.

1. Always Prefer Quality over Quantity

We all know this phrase, and most of us agree with it as well. When you’re shopping, it would be better to go for quality items because they will surely be durable.

However, if you go for clothes or fabrics that are not of good quality, they will never last long no matter how much you care for them. Therefore, it would be wise to invest extra and get your hands on premium quality products.

2. Wash with Care

It is very important to realize that washing your clothes frequently and without paying heed to the care labels can be disastrous for your clothing items. For example, your denim jeans do not require frequent washing, and your delicates should not be washed in a machine.

Before throwing your clothes in a washing machine and leaving them at its mercy, be careful to follow the guidelines.

3. Don’t Ignore the Stains

Firstly, you should be very careful when it comes to dealing with stains. If you are wearing a special dress or a t-shirt that you really love, it would be wise to protect it at all costs. Try to wear an apron if you’re working in the kitchen or be a little less clumsy.

However, if you do end up with stains, you should instantly remove them. Be it by immediately washing it or using a DIY technique, you must never ignore the stains and should promptly cater to them.

4. Avoid Unnecessary Washing

Why wash it when you don’t have to?

We are not asking you to not wash your smelly and sweaty clothing items – no way, that’s a must. You should instantly wash them to prevent your roommate from going into a coma because of the smell. And, there are bacteria too.

But if there are no stains, no odor, and you have worn your dress shirt or an outfit to a formal gathering – you don’t really have to wash it. Unnecessary washing is harsh for the clothes as they usually lose their original color or the fabric’s integrity.

5. Wooden Hangers or Plastic Ones?

All of us usually own plastic hangers as they are cheap and readily available. However, if you want your clothes to last longer, then you should get yourselves wooden hangers and see the change for yourself.

With wooden hangers, you can expect your neckline to stay intact and not get stretched over time. This issue is common when plastic hangers are considered, so you might want to stop buying these.

6. Air-Dry Keeps Your Clothes Happy

One of the most valuable tips on how to properly take care of your clothes is to air-dry your clothes.

Why? Well, because when you choose to air dry and not let the dryer grind your clothes together, you are preventing your clothes from getting ruined. Moreover, you also save a lot of energy when choosing air-dry over the washing machine’s dryer.

It’s a win-win situation.

Clothing Care – How to Deal with the Variety of Garments?

Now that you have an overview of all the steps you must follow to take care of your clothes, we will now let you in on some other secrets.

1. Tops

When it comes to discussing tops, we usually have; t-shirts, formal shirts, and printed tees in our wardrobe. So, let’s see how you can take care of them and maintain their quality:

  • Formal Shirts: Always turn it inside out when you’re going to wash it. Make sure to follow the instructions given on the care label and if they are unclear, then go for a delicate cycle rather than a normal one. Air-drying is always better as compared to tumble dry.
  • T-shirts: Don’t wash them too frequently and whenever you do, make sure to wash them at lower temperatures. Pay special attention to the under-arm area (especially if it’s a white T-shirt) as it tends to get a bit yellow after a couple of wears.
  • Printed T-Shirts: Always, always turn your t-shirts inside out to protect the print on your t-shirt. It would also be wise to not tumble dry them as it can damage the image. Try to use mild laundry detergent because you can ruin the shirt and the print if you’re not careful enough with it.

2. Bottoms

Let’s take a look at the lowers;

  • Jeans: Denim jeans are one of the most frequently worn lower by everyone. They are also available in capris, shorts, etc. Especially for the initial three months, avoid washing your denim. Make sure to turn it inside out and empty the pocks. Don’t wash them in hot water, as it can loosen the fabric. If you end up staining them, always get rid of the stains first. Always fold them after washing.
  • Dress Pants: Dress pants need special attention because they are usually made up of rayon or polyester. Always follow the instructions on the label, but always hand-wash them and use a mild detergent if you don’t have any idea.
  • Pants: Cotton pants are usually worn by everyone because they are comfortable and a little airy compared to jeans. Since they are made up of cotton, they can be washed in the machine, but for better maintenance – do not tumble dry them and wash them only when necessary.


We hope that you have finally understood how to take good care of your clothes. Remember, your clothes define your style and introduce you to the world – so it would be wise to take good care of them.